#1 Decentralized Reserve Currency in Aurora

Paradox DAO is the first truly decentralized reserve currency protocol also known as DeFi 2.0, available on the Aurora Network and based on the PRDX token.

Truly DAO Based

Our goal is to build a policy-controlled currency system, in which the behavior of the PRDX token is controlled at a high level by the DAO.

Decentralized Venture Capital

A new model of investment and fund raising that allows investors to invest in new projects and coordinate using new formulas of collective intelligence.

#1 Defi Trading Application

The ultimate terminal that arms you with the necessary tools for Dex trading and connects you to your favorite Defi protocols.

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DeFi 2.0 Roles

Passive, long-term strategy. Stake your PRDX and receive more PRDX over time.
Active, short-term strategy. Get PRDX at a discounted rate while selling LP Tokens.
Both PRDX holders and stakers will have a voice on how this project evolves.

Decentralized Venture Capital

Stablecoins Liquidity Mining 40%
Focus on top well-established stablecoins liquidity pairs, liquidity mining is a safe and profitable strategy.

Early Stage 20%
The Fund invests in teams building new protocols, investing only in the most disruptive, scalable and promising DApps.
Value Investing 30%
Vital projects to the ecosystem such as AMM/DEX, bridges or Dapps that add value to the ecosystem.

Reserve of Liquid Tokens 10%
A multi-strategy that trades tokens at any point in time depending on the market fluctuations to ensure a solid and liquid reserve.


Step 1
- Brand design
- Community creation
- Frontend dApp launch
- Contracts deploy
- Securitization and KYC
Step 2
- Public Presale
- Public Sale
Step 3
- First round of strategic investments.
- Collaborations and partnerships
- Marketing campaign
- NFTs
Step 4
- CEX Listing
- Expand to other networks
- Project incubator
- Investment diversification
- New community-driven Paradox DAO projects.

DAO Architecture

Voting Proposals
Our Discord's most hardcore users, the ones who have achieved a certain level of devotion to the project are the ones eligible to propose.
Voting Engine
Snapshot is the way to go. It is a decentralized voting system easy to verify. With this platform we can be sure that the voting process is decentralized.
Voting Power
PRDX and sPRDX holders have the right to vote whether to accept it or not. sPRDX will count as a higher voting power with a factor of 1.5 over PRDX.
The DAO contract is an address guarded by a simple gnosis-safe implementation.The Multi-sig wallet is conformed by 8 addresses.